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No matter how many problems you have, I'll go on asking you "And what would you like to have happen?" until I hear a clear statement of your desired outcome. It is you who tells me when, where and how you want to go, and you are absolutely free to change your mind at any point. I'll walk, run, return, go side ways, or rest, side by side with you without arguing about the decisions you make. I trust relaxed. Because I know that the clearer the out come the easier it is to get it.


The three types of Clean Inquiry sessions on offer are devised by a New Zealand born consulting psychologist David Grove in the 1980s that is used especially in psychotherapy and coaching. It is here to help you to access your unconscious mind which contains loads of knowledge and wisdom. Clean Inquiry is revolutionary in a sense that it makes you absolutely certain that you have all the answers within.


Of all those therapies which were born in the West and have been evolving, what is particularly unique about Clean Inquiry is that its approach is actually closer to Eastern tradition like Zen or meditation where you seek the solution within.


“The client discovers his information from his experience, in his own way. The information evolves internally out of the client’s experience. It is not introduced into the client’s experience by the therapist.”

Grove, D. & Panzer, B., “Resolving Traumatic Memories”, p.18


It is best to take a session to find out how it feels like to be asked Clean Questions! 


All sessions are available in English or Japanese.