Do I always have to answer the questions?

You may answer by saying “I don’t know” or “I don’t want to say it”. Your gesture or even a sigh may be an answer too.

Even when we know the answer, people’s advice can be helpful, can’t it be?

We tend to rely on someone or something whenever we have a hardship. Some people may take therapy sessions like counselling just to feel relieved from a vague sense of anxiety, frustration, or impatience. People’s advice can be helpful and beneficial. But it could be harmful if you throw the whole...

Why should I draw a picture after the session?

To reconfirm the words or symbols which are helpful and meaningful to you. Many people find new meanings while drawing a picture.

Can I work on my relationship with my family or friends?

You can start working on a relationship by asking “What would I like to have happen in my relationship with xxx?” Woking on yourself often leads to a better relationship in your life.

I don’t have a camera with my PC.

The facilitator of Clean Language needs to hear the wordless words such as facial and bodily expressions. If you want to take a session only with sounds please understand it will not be 100 percent accurate.

Can I combine Clean Inquiry with another therapy?

Even though Clean Inquiry is extremely safe in a sense that you won’t be influenced or interfered by the facilitator, taking different types of sessions at the same period may result in confusion. Please talk to your current doctor or therapist and the choice should be of your own...