Facilitator; Deva Yoko (officially qualified by Clean Learning UK)              



was born and raised in Tokyo.

After studying yoga and Japanese bodywork she completed Psychic Massage training in 1998 and Energywork training in 2003 with their innovator Sagarpriya who taught her the very essence of the work "the art of non - doing" or "the art of being present".

She has 13 years of experience in giving therapeutic bodywork sessions in various healing resort such as Osho Meditation resort in India and Richmond NUA in Turkey, and private practices in Japan and Europe.


She has been fascinated by Clean Language, since she had to move away from bodywork due to her physical condition, finding that the principle is comparable to what she learnt about the Japanese bodywork called Noguchi Seitai, that “ the body knows how to cure itself”. She completed The Clean Facilitator Programme in 2013 which was the very first CL training to take place in Japan.