Clean Language

10,000 yen / 70 euro for a 60~90 minute session 27,000 yen / 180 euro for 3 sessions  

Special Package (RECOMMENDED!)

22,000 yen / 160 euro for 2 Clean Language sessions & a Clean Space or an Emergent knowledge

Clean Space

6,000 yen / 40 euro for a 45 minute session

Emergent Knowledge

6,000 yen / 40 euro for a 45 minute session

Combination of three

20,000 yen / 130 euro for a Clean Language x a Clean Space x a Emargent knowledge

Session Room

Osho Risk Meditation Centre

www.oshorisk.dk/ available between 05 July and 30 September, 2018.

Intouch Sessionroom

5 minutes walk from Hiroo station on Hibiya Subway Line, Tokyo. The direction will be sent after booking.


Wherever you are in the world can be a session room with skype, preferably with webcam.